German Difference of the Week – Milk

Brisket, Li and I are heading out-of-town for the Thanksgiving holiday- to Basel, Switzerland to be exact.  And I…haven’t exactly started packing yet.   I’m not worried.  Yet.

That being said, just a quick post today on one of the differences between German and American culture. 

In my neck of the woods- America’s dairyland- the milk cases often take up an entire corner of the store.  All refrigerated- all ice-cold.

The Germans have a little different view.  While they do have refrigerated milk, they also have a section just as large – or larger – of boxed milk.  

It reminds me a bit of the containers that beef and chicken stock come in…or maybe oversize juice boxes.   No need for refrigeration until you open it up- which I have to say, is handy when you have milk that is on the cusp of spoiling.   No need to worry about that with these babies.

The verdict-  a little weird at first, but the milk tastes pretty much the same after it has been in the fridge for a few hours.  Maybe just a bit sweeter- but that might be due to the German cows, and not the packaging.


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3 thoughts on “German Difference of the Week – Milk

  1. I wonder what the milk taste like in Switzerland? Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Turkey Day, or will there be a turkey?!

  2. Interesting – I don’t think twice about buying Soy and Rice boxed milk in NY though would find it slightly strange to buy cow’s milk in a box. Interesting!

  3. You can get shelf-stable milk here too, but it tends to be a bit more expensive (at least here in Kansas). It’s really handy to keep a box on the shelf as backup for those times when you open the fridge while making dinner and realize someone else has left a half-inch in the jug.

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