German Difference of the Week: Phenomenal Cosmic Powers…Itty bitty living space.*

I’ve found when I told my friends that I was moving to Germany, they had a few…let’s say….preconceived notions about Germans….

Usually this:

photo from

While I would love to say that the Oktoberfest Bavarian look is common across Germany year-round (how much fun would that be?) unfortunately, it’s not the case.   The Germans tend to look a lot like the Milwaukee natives I know… which probably isn’t surprising if you know anything about Milwaukee heritage.

I’ve also gotten concerned comments over where we were going to live- because “Everything is smaller over there…and how are we going to fit a family of three into an apartment after living in a house?”

Well, while we have sacrificed having a yard- it hasn’t been too bad.  We have a three-bedroom apartment that spans the entire second floor of an old farm house about 15km from Brisket’s job.   In some ways, it seems roomier than our house at home!  

The only “little” part of our new living arrangement?   Our refrigerator.  

It’s about the size of an American dorm fridge at home- and it means that I can’t stock up on groceries like I did.  While this is a hassle (i.e. Thanksgiving leftovers), it also means I can’t “forget” about those leftovers shoved into the back corner, and we end up eating them before they become fuzzy…

It also makes great use of my Tetris skills in packing….I knew those hours playing Gameboy would come in handy someday.

*Two points if you can guess the movie…

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2 thoughts on “German Difference of the Week: Phenomenal Cosmic Powers…Itty bitty living space.*

  1. Aladdin. 🙂

  2. M

    Aladdin 🙂

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