Christmas Decorations- College Style

There are certain advantages to moving into a furnished apartment- you don’t have to worry about furniture (mostly), lighting, or many of the little things that you need to get when moving out on your own for the first time.   I have also heard rumors that Germans take the entire kitchen when they move- everything.  Cabinets.  Sinks.  The faucets…can anyone confirm?

So finding a place that keeps us from having to buy all that?  An advantage, no doubt.

The disadvantage is that I’m tempted to fill the apartment with our own stuff- to make it home.  The problem is that we only have 130 extra pounds of goods to ship home this summer, so we’ll need to make sure our souveniers of the 6 months remain relatively light.  

I come from a Christmas family.  It was the biggest holiday we celebrated- and as I’ve mentioned before- remains my favorite holiday.   Decorating is part of the tradition- and can take a solid couple of hours.   I have to be careful here though- while they have tons of appropriate Christmas decorations- I’ll be forced to ship them back or throw them out due to space constrictions.  My solution has been to resort back to my cheap-o college days- and divert some of Li’s boundless energy into easily recycled Christmas crafts.

Exhibit #1- Two feet of plastic.

Our cheap mini-Christmas tree- bought at the Airforce PX for only $10.   We’ll be able to ship this home and use it elsewhere next year.  The ornaments were a craft project Li and I did one rainy morning…a paint-splattered rainy morning.

 Exhibit #2- The stocking were hung by the media center with care…

It was either this, or hanging up our actual socks…And, no, just no…Li had fun coloring the stockings- but ran out of steam with the red one. (Scrap paper= free)

Exhibit #3- Holiday wishes.

Yes, we only have one Christmas card so far (and that one is the sample I made of our OWN Christmas card) but I’m expecting more at any minute (hint, hint!)…Otherwise I guess I can hang candy canes  on it too…

Exhibit #4- When in doubt- throw a holiday colored blanket on the couch, and wrap something up! 

In this case the table.   Taken directly out of my college playbook- I think my roommate and I wrapped a desk once. (The cost to this one is the cost of wrapping paper- so?  Like a buck?)

Exhibit #5- It’s snowing!

Well…according to our landlord, it probably won’t snow by Christmas- which ironically enough, is the only time of year I actually like snow…

Exhibit #6- Anyone know what that bushy plant is over our door?

Yup, that’s authentic mistletoe.  We got it at our little town’s Christmas market (for approximately $2.50), where I had the pleasure (?) of tasting my first wild boar sausage, and drinking some of the local schnapps. 

Me, next to the mistletoe- Doesn’t the back of my head look happy?

There you have it- 6 ways (yes, kind of lame ways) to decorate- all for under $15 bucks!   Now just pop on some Christmas music, and you’ll be set. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations- College Style

  1. Very creative — but that mistletoe bush? plant? is huge! Wow. (Also, cute boots & socks.)

  2. lesia

    Santa will be filling Stella’s stocking with lots of goodies this year. I never knew how much that dog loves to eat. (People food that is) When Liz and I eat, each dog gets licking rights. We have to coordinate the timeing so we dont have a war. Merry Christmas to all.

  3. Simple is good! Leaves the true meaning of Christmas in full view.
    We hope to get our package sent very soon. Sorry, but not faithful with card sending. We will decorate simply this weekend and bake cookies for the Adopt-A-Family project held at work on Monday.

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