German Difference of the Week- The Transformer in My Spare Bedroom

As I write this, I realize this is not so much a German thing as it probably is just a “rest-of-the-world thing”, so my apologies in advance for my ignorance…

In the US, we have a clothes washer and dryer in our house- both came with the house, which was convenient as I have no idea how the delivery men would be able to fit a washer and dryer down our basement stairs.  When we arrived here though, we only have a clothes washer in our apartment- no dryer. 

I grew up with a dryer AND clotheslines- so it was not a big deal when we discovered that…but, we live on the second floor of a house with no yard or clothesline..

May I introduce our clothes drying rack?

I call it Bumblebee.

Partially because it looks like it has wings- and partially because I’m sure it’s going to come alive and reconfigure itself into a robot.

It makes sense from an energy perspective- and I’ve found that the Germans are all about saving energy/money…but getting use to drying clothes on a rack did take some adjustment.  If I want to wear something on the weekend, and it needs to be washed, I find I should schedule getting it on Bumblebee about Wednesday afternoon.   It may still be a bit damp (depending on how cold/wet the weather has been) by Friday, but usually good to go by Saturday.

It’s pretty convenient all things considered- and will probably be one of the items I’ll use when we get back to the states…otherwise I think Bumblebee would miss us a bit.  🙂

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One thought on “German Difference of the Week- The Transformer in My Spare Bedroom

  1. Dad

    I remember when I was a kid, you’d see farm houses with clothes hanging outside on the line in the winter. I don’t know if the clothes dried or froze and you shook out the ice. A tough was to do it either way!

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