More Mussels in Brussels

Brussels, Brussels, Brussels…how you confound me.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t particularly like being lost.  Wandering just to wander is one thing…walking and walking and walking to get to a destination so you can eat, rest, and warm up, but not getting there until three hours later?  Not my thing.

We’ve walked so far…Are we still in Belgium?

I’ve also come to realize that I like knowing as least a few words of language of the country I’m visiting.  And while I have the basics down in four languages, French is not one of those languages.

Rue du “Narnia”…?

So, when you combine those elements- being lost/cold/hungry and confused by the language?  You get me, cranky, in Brussels.

It really was a lovely city, with interesting architecture, tasty food, and friendly residents, but we got lost a few times  a lot and there isn’t much overlap between the French and Germanic languages.   As in, no overlap.   It’s almost as if they were designed to be exact opposites of each other.   

Yes, yes, they also speak Flemish in Belgium and Flemish is a close cousin to German, but it’s not close enough for me to figure out what the heck the locals signs are pointing me towards.

We did try the mussels- which Li loved surprisingly enough.  We also had multiple samples of chocolate- which was the redeeming part of the trip for me…but overall, I’d give it a “C”.   Too much walking.  If you know some French though- and don’t mind wandering around without a specific destination- Brussels would be an excellent stop over on the train from London to Paris…

Santa’s sleigh is also pulled by snails in Brussels…so that’s a selling point too…

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3 thoughts on “More Mussels in Brussels

  1. M A

    Really GREAT picture! (the one with Li and Brisket). You have a real gift for catching people’s expressions–could be a portrait photographer. Am glad you’re getting to see other countries, what’s next?

  2. M A

    Forgot to ask—WHAT is Li looking at?

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