A Quick Trip- Heidelberg, Germany

It’s the week before Christmas!   How the heck did that happen?  It’s like I’ve fallen into a time warp or something…it feels like it should still be November.

Anyway, it being the week before Christmas, and since we haven’t completed our Christmas shopping or Christmas baking, it seemed like a good idea to get some of those pesky things checked off the list- and we decided not to travel this week.   Well, ok…we decided to not travel too far.  We were able to squeeze in an afternoon day trip- about an hour away to Heidelberg, Germany.

Before Brisket was deployed, I had never heard of Heidelberg…probably because, while a beautiful old German city, there’s not a lot of flashy tourist attractions…like that trendy sculpture thing they have in Paris.   I hear that thing is popular with the tourists.

Anyway, while it is NOT high on the tourist route, it is a nice little city to explore on a weekend afternoon.  The old part of the city is pedestrian only, with plenty of restaurants, pubs, and little shops to explore.

The Gummi Bear Store…yep, it’s a real thing, and everything in the window is “gummi”.

The “Fruit, Brandy, and Liquor” Store…emphasis on the brandy and liquor.

The White Swan Pub

There are three main squares within easy walking distance of each other, and all three had Christmas markets set up.

It also had one of the most impressive Gluhwein booths I’ve ever seen.   I’ve mentioned Gluhwein before, right?   It’s a hot spiced wine, and is everywhere this time of year.  I had some when we went to Basel, and am still feeling it warm my belly.

The Gluhwein obviously affected my ability to shoot a photo that is not tilted…

We also saw, but did not sample, Schneeballen (or snowballs).   The Schneeballen originated in Rothenberg- another beautiful German city- but Heidelberg has “imported” them for the holiday season.  Schneeballen are basically pie crust scraps formed into a ball, fried, and then covered in chocolate or powered sugar…We were still full from our Christmas market bratwurst and skipped it this time around.

Li is probably regretting that decision…

All in all it was a fun little city to explore- it had the standard castle ruins, cobblestones, winding streets, and also was nicely decorated for Christmas.

Even the high-end glasses store got into the spirit…in their own hipster type of way.

And Li had a blast at the playground.  But, that’s not too surprising.

Heidelberg, Germany-  “A”

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One thought on “A Quick Trip- Heidelberg, Germany

  1. D

    It’s good to see you haven’t lost your ‘eye’ for good pictures.

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