One Final Christmas Market- Rudesheim am Rhein

It’s a little hard to believe we’ve been here over a month…It’s also a little hard to believe that tomorrow is Christmas. 

Brisket and I both had Friday off, so to bookend the Christmas season, we headed to one more Christmas market.  Basil kicked off the season for us, Rudesheim am Rhein finished it up.

Rudesheim is a small city on the Rhein (obviously) and is famous in the area for the wine they produce.  The folklore says that the best grapes grow on south-facing slopes, and all of Rudesheim is south-facing- as you can see by all the grapevines.

To get to Rudesheim from the South though, which we did, you need to take a ferry across the Rhein.   The closest bridge to Rudesheim is about 45 minutes away- and it seems the area has built up a pretty good system (some might say “scam”) to get people across on the ferry.   The ferry for our car cost about 5 Euro each way- and was a ten minute ride- but saved us an hour and a half of driving.

It’s pretty much a wine-lover’s town, with lots of little wine shops and a wine museum (closed the day we went…).  Unfortunately, Brisket is a beer lover, while I prefer a good Pepsi, so that aspect was kind of wasted on us.

Bottom line roughly translated: “…to grasp it in the bottle, oh bliss in the glass.”

Yeah, they like wine.

The city though was very hilly, with lots of winding alleys and interesting wood-carved buildings.   The Christmas market spread out through the old town, which made wandering fun- especially with a steaming mug of Gluhwein and a kasewurst in my stomach.

The biggest surprise?  All the tourists!   We heard English spoken by almost all the other tourists around us.  I even saw a guy in a Green Bay Packer hat.   We didn’t know if maybe there was a USO tour to the area, or if was just that much of a tourist attraction, but it felt odd understanding all the conversations around us for once.

Nutella Crepes- universal in any language.

I guess Brisket, Li and I are starting to look a bit more like locals though- we saw a group taking a family picture and asked (in English) if they wanted us to take it.   We were thanked extensively in German by them- only to find out they were also American.  I also played translator for an American tourist at the food stalls- so I guess my German is improving…

So, you tell me- are we looking more German?

Merry Christmas from the Cotterpin House!  

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3 thoughts on “One Final Christmas Market- Rudesheim am Rhein

  1. D

    Sie suchen ein wenig Deutsch!

  2. The place looks great. It’s like spending Christmas in a historical place. You can really feel the spirit of Christmas on a quiet and peaceful place such like this. Visiting an unfamiliar place particularly on a holiday is good thing. It’s like eating a new kind of cuisine and loving it. That’s one of the things we always look forward to, right?

  3. I like this family portrait. Yes, you look like a German family!

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