Athens- Day 2

For Athens – Day 1 (and to avoid having to scroll past a billion pictures of ruins) click here.

Athens- Day 2

We woke up without much of a plan on our second day- Brisket mentioned wanting to see the Temple of Zeus, so we headed that way, passing numerous olive trees, orange trees, and stray dogs looking for a little attention.

In a lot of ways, Athens didn’t feel like a European city- at least not like the other European cities we’ve visited.  It has a bit of the old-world flavor of Rome, but it definitely had an exotic Middle-Eastern vibe to it, too. 


It was quite a bit cooler than the previous day- and a bit rainy- so after we saw the temple ruins, we headed to the new Acropolis Museum.   Built over ancient ruins, entire sections of the floor are clear glass to show the different buildings and tilework.

Unfortunately, pictures are not allowed inside of the museum- but the sculptures were beautiful.  It was a nice way to get out of the rain for a few hours.

I wanted to check out the “authentic” Athenian market after lunch- so we headed to the subway.  

I had read that Athenian pickpockets target Americans on the subway – and to keep an eye out – so we made sure we were prepared.  Sure enough, we were waiting for a train when a man approached us to “look at the map” behind Brisket.  He kept inching closer and closer to Brisket, who was keeping an eye on Li, so I made sure I kept an eye on him. 

Suddenly, a sharp whistle from behind me echoed through the subway, and I turned my head.  I whipped my head back to look at Brisket, and caught the eye of the man standing only a step away from him.  He saw me staring at him, grimaced, and hurried out of the station.   Maybe it was my look- or that Brisket doesn’t carry anything in his back pockets- but I have a feeling the man didn’t leave just because he had the wrong station…

After that excitement, it was a bit of a let-down that the market was closed when we arrived.  The stalls were all set up- but there was nothing left to buy.

We headed back to the subway for our final stop of the day, walking from Syntagma Square down to the Olympic park.

Considering the number of ruins we had already seen at this point, we assumed it would be the original Olympic park.   Try 2004.

Neat, but it reminded me of the football stadiums back in the States.

With that, we picked up our luggage, and headed back to the subway- this time to catch a train to the airport.  We had an early flight the next morning, and needed our beauty rest.

Stay tuned for Shopping in Greece- Or how I found the world’s most comfortable sandals…

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One thought on “Athens- Day 2

  1. Dad

    That kitty is more well traveled than just about everyone I know, including me!
    More great pix!

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