German Difference of the Week- I’ll leave a light on for you*.

*Or, you know, not.

One of the big differences I’ve noticed in US and German cultures is the view on energy efficiency.  While the “green” movement is still gaining momentum in the US, the Germans are very much about saving energy.

I’m a bit embarassed at what I threw away in the states compared to what is required recycling here.  Our trash amounts to one measly little bag a week now.

All of our major appliances also have an “eco” feature that means a shorter cycle, usually with colder water.   And, I’ve already talked about the drying racks here.

One more case in point?  Streetlights.

Mile after mile of US freeway- illuminated by streetlights.  Going into cities, leaving cities- they’re everywhere.

In Germany?

As soon as you’re out of a town or city?  Pitch black. 

On the autobahn?  Pitch black.

And in the Black Forest?  Surprise! Pitch black.

It makes sense- it saves energy and money.  And besides, why do you think your car has headlights? 

But it’s a bit spooky while driving.  Especially through the woods. 

Brisket has told me many, many times that the legend of the Wolfman originated in Germany’s Black Forest.

Not entirely surprised anymore.


In other news, we skipped the traveling this weekend.  Winter arrived with a vengeance, and the last week has been freezing.  FREEZING.  

So, instead of walking around a lovely medieval town and marveling at the architecture while risking frostbite and gangrene, the three of us went to see the Muppet movie.   Yes, I’m aware it came out at Thanksgiving for those of you in the states…the movie theater on base is a bit relaxed in getting first run movies.

Li had a wonderful time.  I think she forgot she wasn’t at home once or twice, and asked questions about the on-screen antics in a very, VERY loud voice.

All and all, a pretty good weekend.

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