Homebodies- and the German Difference of the Week

Well, we’re homebodies at least for this weekend.  I know, I know- our time here is growing short.  (And, honestly, it’s making me kind of antsy.)

But!  But…even the heartiest traveler needs to take a break.  Li has developed a cold over the last few days- and while she’s a trooper, there’s been a lot of nose wiping and coughing in our house.

We did head into Kaiserslautern on Saturday in search of an Easter dress for Li.  I came to the realization that we’ll be traveling almost every weekend between now and Easter- and I don’t think her torn jeans quite fit the bill.  Especially as we’ll be in Paris for Easter- the epicenter of fashionable children.

We also picked up a few staples at our local German grocery store while we were out- including:

Any guesses? (From those who do not speak German, that is…)

Toothpaste, maybe?  Spackle?  Some kind of industrial adhesive?

Actually, it’s mustard. “Lion Mustard” to be precise.

On the shelves of our German grocery store there were probably 40 different brands of it- mostly in tubes like above, but jars were also available.  I kind of wish I had my camera for a picture…

I don’t think the metal tube of mustard is a German-only thing.  I’ve also seen them in Luxembourg and Belgium grocery stores- but I think the Germans have a special fondness for mustard.  Every bite of sausage I’ve eaten here has been covered in mustard- or at least included it in a little dish on the plate.

And the American-loved ketchup?  Also available- but only really when you order french fries.

And definitely not in the cool tube.

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One thought on “Homebodies- and the German Difference of the Week

  1. D

    A great pic of Li, but it makes her look like she’s about 5 or 6!
    She was a cute baby and now even cuter!

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