Cuckoos and Coasters; Germany’s Black Forest

We had planned on going to Salzburg last weekend- but due to work commitments, and an aversion to driving 10 hours in a 24 hour period, ended up heading to the Black Forest instead.  Spring is just starting here, and the weather is perfect for some long walks through the woods.

I have to say, the Black Forest was one of my favorite areas of Germany so far.   The area is surprisingly mountainous, and there is pretty little town after pretty little town in the valleys.

We spent the night in Triberg- home to Germany’s tallest waterfall.  If you’ve seen Niagara Falls, it probably isn’t so impressive, but it was fun to walk in the hills around the waterfall.

We were also surprised that there was still snow in the hills.  I think we had a total of three days of snow in our area of the country- but it looks like the Black Forest area received quite a bit more this winter.

Triberg is pretty- and full of cuckoo clock shops- including the shop where we bought one.  🙂  I guess we were hypnotized by clocks everywhere you look!

We also tried out the Black Forest cake while hanging out with some interesting decorations in one of the local restaurants.

We didn’t have any particular plans for Sunday…but I have always wanted to try the summer toboggan runs that are popular in Germany.   The closest one was closed- but luckily we found a roller coaster that is open year round that runs down the side of the Hasenhorn mountain in Todtnau.

After a relaxing trip up the ski lift, and  a brief explanation on how to work the car in broken English (Use brakes.  Not too much.  No crashing.), Li and I sailed down the mountain.   Brisket followed us- and when I can snag his video of the experience, I’ll be sure to post it.

Li loved it, yelling “Whee!” on every curve.  It was probably the fastest, and the most fun, way I’ve ever headed down a mountain…especially after our adventure in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

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