I like Paris in the springtime….

…Otherwise known as the post of a thousand pictures. 

We’re down to two weeks before we head back to the states- and it seems we’ve saved our most extensive travel for our last two weekends.   We drove to Paris for the Easter weekend- it was about a four-hour car drive- and we’ll be heading to Switzerland in a few days.

I feel like a broken record- I keep talking about how beautiful all these European cities are- but Paris really was beautiful.  It seems like the entire city was designed to be pretty.   That being said, I don’t think Paris is the best choice if you have toddler.  Li was pretty good, all things considered, but there were a lot of lines, crowds of people, and a fair share of toddler meltdowns.  Paris is all about the cafe culture- which doesn’t always accommodate children.  Brisket and I have already decided to go back someday- but maybe without children the next time.

The weather started off great- but turned cloudy and rainy our two following days.  We made the best of it though, and managed to see most of our top sites without too much trouble.  As usual though, we forgot a hat for Li.  Luckily, there were plenty of options.   Doesn’t she look Parisian?

Our hotel was tiny, but had a nice balconey, and was only a five minute walk from Notre Dame

We headed to Notre Dame first.  Like many of the places we’ve been on the trip, it’s surreal being someplace you’ve studied in history classes for most of your life!

Did I mention it was a bit windy?

The pedestrian bridge to Notre Dame is covered with locks-  the tradition is to buy a lock, sign your and your significant other’s name, and throw the key into the Seine.  Pretty romantic. 🙂



We then picked up some Croque Madames (ham sandwiches with egg) at a little shop to eat along the Seine.  My French is still horrible, but the little old man behind the counter understood me enough!

We also indulged in a few of my favorite things- we stopped at Berthillion’s, Paris’s most famous ice cream shop, and headed to Shakespeare and Company, Paris’s most famous English bookstore.

The next day we headed to the Eiffel Tower.  One word: Amazing.



While I marveled over the architecture, Li loved the playground.


Up Next: The Arc De Triomphe, the Louvre, and the best hot chocolate in Paris…

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2 thoughts on “I like Paris in the springtime….

  1. Love the photos! Glad you had a great time!

  2. Abby

    I love everything about this post. 🙂

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