I like Paris- Part Deux

So, after a quick snack at the Eiffel Tower, we headed to the Arc de Triomphe.

It a bit cold and windy, but still neat to see.   It was also fun to watch random tourists trying to dodge the traffic circling the Arc- and the police directing them to the underground tunnel for when they cross back.

A quick walk down the Champs Elysees and then we hopped on the metro to another highlight of Paris: Angelina’s.

Li looks happy about being in the shopping epicenter of France, doesn’t she?

My father had emphasized the need to go to Angelina’s at least once while we were in Paris.  It didn’t disappoint.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge chocolate fan- but they had the best hot chocolate I ever tasted.   I wish I had the recipe- I could definitely imagine waking up each morning of a cup of Angelina’s hot chocolate.  Their pastries are also delicious, but pale in comparison to the chocolate.

After, we cut through the Louvre’s grounds, and Li insisted on a break from walking…and soon our arms also needed a break.

The next morning, after Li found her Easter basket in our tiny room, we strolled over to the Louvre.  And… I might have lost it a bit at the length of the line.  It looked like it was miles long…I couldn’t see the end of it. 


Photo taken about 15 minutes into our wait- the entrance is on the other side of the pyramid…See the tiny people in the distance?  I did get a kick at all the people posing in front of it while we waited though.

It was EASTER- why weren’t all those people at Notre Dame or something!?!  Probably for the same reason we weren’t, huh?

I also like the faint halo that some drew on the sign…

The line went pretty fast though- and next thing I knew, we were staring at priceless works of art.   While I enjoy a good painting as much as the next girl, I realized from my pictures that I’m more of a sculpture type of girl.  🙂




That afternoon led us to another church- Saint Chapelle.   The church is tiny, and the pictures can’t do it justice.  It takes your breath away when you enter.   

The next morning, after a quick pain au chocolate, we headed home.   It was a wonderful trip- but we were exhausted.  

There were so many things we still didn’t get to see – but we’ll just have to hit them when we return.

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One thought on “I like Paris- Part Deux

  1. M A

    We especially love the little flower-sprigged dress and navy tights. Tres chic!

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