The Last Trip- Lucerne and Interlaken, Switzerland

Done!  Basta!  Finito!

We’re heading back to the states this weekend.    It’s bittersweet, but it will be good to see our families again.  🙂

We celebrated our last European weekend with a trip to Switzerland.  Beautiful, cold, cloudy, Switzerland.

We had hoped to have a few final breath-taking mountain views to take with us back to the states, and instead we got a whole lot of cloud cover and rain.   Luckily though, the rest of the country was in bloom.

Lucerne was beautiful (how many times have I said that this trip?).  We only spent a morning there, but it’s the perfect Swiss town.  While in Interlaken, we headed up to the town of Wengen via rack railway.  The views were amazing- but the cloud cover kept us from going higher on the Jungfrau (one of three mountain peaks nearby).  We also seemed to hit Wengen during the Swiss’s afternoon break- almost everything was closed until 2pm!   Still, it was fun to see the massive amounts of snow they still have on the ground.

I’m putting both cities down on the list to return to someday- preferably in the middle of summer.

For the HUGE gallery- Lucerne is first with the river/bridge photos.  Interlaken/Wengen follow, starting with the train pictures in the town of Lauterbrennen.

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Wednesday. Really?

Is it only Wednesday?  I get the distinct feeling that we’re in a Thursday.  Yes…Definitely Thursday and not a Wednesday.  No?  It’s really just Wednesday?  How about we just say tomorrow is Friday?  Maybe take an extra day to celebrate the coming of the summer?

What’s that?  You live in Milwaukee and summer was only here for three days?  You now live in a land of perpetual rain and 60 degree weather?  I wasn’t aware that Milwaukee had been relocated to Canada for the season…that’s a bummer.  Oh, not just for the season?  Permanently?  As in…winter too?  I have to say that I’m tearing up at that…but it may also be my cabin fever acting up.  I had expected to be able to put away my coats, jeans and boots by June 22nd.


So this post will probably not get much more exciting than my monologue up above…you have every permission to go check out what someone more exciting is doing.  Maybe Kanye is tweeting about his breakfast or something right now.

As for the Cotterpin House, we’re kind of just biding our time.  There has been some talk of Brisket coming home in August- but the date is still up in the air- and making the planner in me a wee bit crazy.    We’re either at 6 weeks until he’s home- or 8 weeks.   The military does that a lot, so I should probably be use to it.   But I’m not.  I don’t think I ever will be.   I just like to know that the date you give me is the date I can plan around…I’m not Travelocity, people.   I’m not good with the +/- 3 day windows.  Nothing else in my life runs on that kind of timetable, so why this?


In other news, I did actually tackle one of the projects on my list though!  Oh, wait…(checking, checking)…Actually, no, I didn’t have it on my master list…but the lock in this story has been fixed.  Just promise me you don’t look at the date on that entry.   GAH!  You looked, didn’t you?

Now, I’m not proud that it took over two years to properly fix*.  But, well, it had kind of been forgotten as we had a baby shortly after…and which grew quickly into a toddler.  

But let’s focus!  It’s fixed!  After only two separate trips to the home improvement store! 

Progress, people, progress. 

 *Just to clarify, it had been jerry-rigged to be secure- maybe or maybe not involving a coat hanger and electrical wire…. and we haven’t had any more random theivery, but it definitely needed a more permanent solution.  Not making excuses for my laziness regarding the garage- just clarifying…


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A Little Bit of Sole

The craft project I’ve been working on the last month (has it been a month?  Good gracious!) is finally ready for public viewing.  After much hand wringing, whining, and pricked fingers, I actually have something I made with my own two hands that I feel good about.

Well…being the perfectionist that I am, there’s always room for improvement in my mind…but I digress.

Anyway-  Ta Daaaaaaa!

I’ve mentioned my love of shoes before, right?   I’ve mentioned my love/hate relationship with crafts, right?  So- I’ve combined them into one beast new endeavor.  I’m even crazy enough to try to sell them to complete strangers.

I’ve had an Etsy shop for awhile- I use to sell wool hats there until I realized the very limited window of opportunity I had to sell wool hats.  Like a three-month window.  No one wants to contemplate buying a warm winter hat in February- it’s just depressing. 

Shoes, on the other hand?  I can never have too many shoes.  Is that just me? 

And if they don’t sell?   Again- I can never have too many shoes…

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The Black Hole of Christmas

Sorry I’ve been out of range for the last few days… is it just me or does time speed up the closer it gets Christmas?   Like that date is a undiscovered black hole- drawing smaller, less powerful days closer and closer at a faster and faster rate until everything is squished into a tiny package with a red bow*…

Or is that just me?  

I’m making progress on the list though- we’ve looked at lights, played in the snow, made 6 types of cookies, and Brisket and I are going skating this weekend. 

Still undone- a present for Li from Santa.  Which will remain undone…the one toy I was going to make may be a bit too advanced for her right now…maybe I’ll attempt something for her birthday.   In June.

To be completed this weekend- a Christmas outfit…I’m going to publicly commit myself to getting it done this weekend.  Pictures of will be up Sunday night. 

Monday at the latest.

*Based only on a rudimentary knowledge of black holes from my sophmore year in high school.  My apologies for not paying closer attention, Mr. Rutzin.

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Random times 5

So, no picture of the week- yet.   We did a mini-renovation of our pantry this weekend, and it turned out great…I kind of want to make out with the results.   It really is that awesome. 

But!  But, the pictures are still in my camera because I’m busy with work, and babies, and husbands, and a little bit lazy.

Oh, well.

Maybe later this week?  After the exercising, grocery shopping, and tv watching.  Definitely before I also show off the dress I made Li…I was a busy girl this weekend.

So!  A friend (who oddly enough wants to remain nameless) wanted me to post 7 random facts most people don’t know about me.   I’m not sure I can come up with 7…so how about 5?

1-  I don’t like chocolate…unless I’m pregnant.  I love sugar in its many forms, but chocolate doesn’t do much for me- UNLESS it’s been mixed with some other ingredient.  A chocolate cake with chocolate icing kind of leaves me bored- but add a cherry filling?  You have my attention.   This rule was completely overturned by the 2009 pregnancy debacle- I couldn’t get enough chocolate.  I would have a chocolate sundae with chocolate cookies and chocolate fudge topping EVERY WEEK after my doctor’s appointment.  

2- I love thrill rides.   Roller coasters?  Sledding hills named “the Widowmaker”?  Being pushed down a steep hill in a shopping cart?*  Let’s go!  Unfortunately Brisket’s stomach isn’t up for as much twirling and whirling as my stomach.  Fortunately?  Li is proving to love being swung, hurled, and dropped through space as much as her mom.

3- I don’t like sports, unless I can see them live- then I’m jumping and cheering like a crazy person.  Otherwise?  Meh.  I kind of don’t see the appeal of watching them on tv.

4-  My closet is full of shoes.  Under my bed is more shoes.  For awhile in my early twenties, I would have a couple of pairs of shoes (or 10 pairs) in my car.  I love shoes- but only ever end up wearing two or three pairs a season. 

5- I really wanted Li to have a unique name- but not odd.  I grew up with a name that was a derivative of a common name- so I would always get the question “Oh, is your name really ____?”.   Um, no.   My husband and I picked Li’s name after months of debating- and part of the reason I liked it was because while it’s a familiar name, I didn’t know ANYONE who had it growing up.  Or in my adult life.   About 5 minutes after we had Li?  Two other couples that we knew- one from college, another from Li’s daycare- had babies, and named them?  Li. 

*Never actually done it- but would be willing to try it if I had on a helmet, and someone would catch me at the bottom.

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The Lazy Seamstress…

Brisket and Li are in Kansas City this weekend, so naturally I planned tons of projects to tackle this weekend.  So far, I’ve completely…none of them!

Sleeping in and going boot shopping takes up valuable time.

I did get a little bit of sewing done though- for my sewing chair…

Li’s pants are next on my list.

I swear.

This project though, unlike the pants that require an actual pattern (GASP!), took 30 minutes, about a yard of fabric, a sewing machine, and a staple gun.  Easy peasy.

We had inherited the ugly 60’s dining chair from the previous owners of our house…and it sat around, not really being of any purpose until I realized that it was a good height for my sewing machine…

But is was kind of ugly…and had a small tear in the seat…

Have I mentioned that we like to travel?  Really, I HAVE?!?  Well, we happen to have a bit of a travel theme in our spare bedroom/where my sewing machine resides…

And while going through my fabric to start Li’s pants, I re-discovered I had a yard of this beauty…

That’s what I call fate…

So I sewed and hemmed a quick pillow case top for the  chair back, and proceeded to try to figure out how to sew a fitted cover for the seat…until it dawned on me that I will NEVER probably remove it unless it gets stained or torn.  And really?  While I’m a bit of a squirmer- I rarely eat spaghetti while juggling scissors while using my sewing machine…at least not since I had the baby.

So I stapled it onto seat- the entire thing took about 5 minutes.

I said I was lazy, right?

The staples will be pretty easy to remove with a pliers- so if I get tired of it?  Another 30 minute sewing job…

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The Day I Cut Off All My Hair…

…was not as traumatic as I thought it would be.

Now, hair, for some unknown reason, is incredibly important to women.  And, come to think of it,  a good deal of men if Rogaine commercials have taught me anything.  That being said, I also understand that the state of my hair?  Probably not that important to many people.  But, if you’re reading this blog, maybe it is?  But then maybe not?  Do you really care?  If not, feel free to move along…and please keep that under advisement for any of my prior, current or future posts.  No hard feelings, no harm, no foul.*

I had been thinking about cutting it for months…but as acting matron-of-honor** in my sister’s wedding, I had kept the scissors at bay.  Then, one day, the skies parted, angels began singing, and it was TIME.  I was tired of waiting for the right time- and had no more excuses as the wedding had been over for two weeks.

So I booked an appointment with a hairdresser I had never met before <insert scary music here>.  My hair had been past my shoulders, so when I showed her the pixie cut I was thinking of, I was pleasantly surprised when she said, “Cool- let’s do this.”

My kind of girl.

About an hour later- it was done- and my whole head felt like it was barely attached to my shoulders- the weight of all that hair was GONE.  It was fabulous.

Hubby had to adjust to it a bit- but said it was cute- which was enough for me.  It was when I got to work on Monday that I was blown away.  Almost everyone I saw- friends, enemies, women, men, children, the fruit flies that like to congregate near my desk, even strangers that I just passed regularly in the hall- stopped me to say how much they liked my hair.  I think my surprise came from a feeling that an acquaintance, another short-haired girl, expressed perfectly:

“Long hair equals beauty in our society- not everyone can see the beauty in a hairstyle that fits you- even if it’s short.”


The shorter hair is easier, faster, and less likely to get tangled in Li’s little hands- but it also doesn’t let me hide anymore- which takes some transition.  The face is out there- and I’m more aware that I can’t use a wall of hair to mask what I’m feeling.

It also left me wondering:

“Was my last hairstyle THAT bad?” 

*As said before, it’s my general belief that blogging is kind of a navel-gazing past time.  But as it’s my blog, who better to navel-gaze, right?

** I HATE the term “matron-of-honor”.   No one should ever feel old and dowdy at the age of 30 because they have been the recipient of the title of “matron”.  Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I’m going to be wearing shawls and waving a cane as I look disapprovingly over my spectacles at the youngsters being too loud with that rock and roll music.  The term should be “woman (or man)-of-honor”  or even more acceptable “person-of-awesomeness”.  It would work for both sides of the wedding party.  Feel free to use as you’d like; My wedding gift to you.

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Candy Coated Holidays

I’ll be taking off the next few days to celebrate, travel, and feast on sugar/carbs/alcohol.  Renovation stories to start back up with the new year, but until then have a very happy holiday! 

candy, candy, candy

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Before and After in the Cotterpin Bathroom…

Old and New Floors and Toilet

Old and New Lighting/Medicine Cabinet/Wall Treatment

messy, messy cleaner, no?

and the vanity/sink- LOVE the new vanity and sink

old grossnessnew hotness

and a close-up of the vanity tile/basin sink- just cause I enjoy it so much…


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Let there be light- again

The porch light is now up- but with my mind still fried from working on the bathroom shower surround, I forgot to take a picture of the old one while it was up in all it’s rusty glory.

So instead, I flipped the picture of the old light laying on my kitchen floor.  I’m sure you get the picture- old, rusty, buggy, and ugly.  And the new one?  Brighter, energy efficient, and oh-so-bungalow-esque.

Gotta love that.

Out with the old...

In with the new

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