By artist Chris Danger, courtesy of Wander Blog.

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Down the Mountain

Hasenhorn Roller Coaster

Video courtesy of Brisket- Hasenhorn Mountain, Germany

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Athens- Where even the gutters are lined with marble…

…and where you can see ancient relics in the subway.  Just out in the open for anyone to touch. 

Um…Not that we did that.

I was going to give a run-down of our time in Munich two weekends ago- but then, before I could blink, we were in Athens for a long weekend, and my thoughts are still revolving around olives and ouzo…

Not to say Munich wasn’t great- it was a lot of fun- but we pretty much saw everything we saw when we went in 2008.  Except for the mass revelry.

But Athens!  ATHENS!  The cradle of Western civilization!  Some of my German neighbors would say the downfall of the European Union…but I liked it.

Yes, it was kind of dirty, covered in graffiti, and we were almost pick-pocketed, but I still liked it.

And yes, the gutters are lined with marble.

The people were some of the friendliest I’ve ever met in Europe- especially with Li.  Burly men were talking baby talk to her in the hopes of getting a smile.  It was funny.

We arrived Friday night, and took the subway to the Acropoli stop closest to our hotel/apartment.   It’s a bit of a shock coming off the of the subway to see ancient statues, and then, looming above, the Acropolis.

We found our hotel, and after some room shuffling, we went out for dinner and a stroll through the city.  Our apartment was located between the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus in the Plaka area of Athens, so it was pretty easy to navigate without a map.  We just had to look for the big ancient ruin on top of the hill to our left to know where we were.

Our first full day was mostly site-seeing- climbing up to the Parthenon, and some shopping and Greek food.  The weather, compared to Germany, was perfect.

Li still insisted on her hood most of the time we were outside though, out of reflex to the German rain.

Brisket and Li climbing up the hill from the Theater of Dionysus…we’re tough (naive?) and decided to skip the easier path up the hill.

The Greeks know how to appeal to the theater geek in me- there was a ruin of an amazing theater every 20 steps or so.

Before too long though, we were at the entrance to the Acropolis- and had a great view of the city stretching out in all directions.

Li was hoping to keep the paparazzi away…

The Parthenon was beautiful.  It’s a weird feeling standing in the shadows of something you’ve seen in history books your entire life.   Even weirder to think about how this amazing building is just background scenery for most Athenians.

I wanted to slip one of these “souvenirs” into my luggage- but they were roped off from the public…and probably weigh a half ton.

Li was more concerned about her hydration needs than the architecture but Brisket and I were impressed.  Brisket has now also carried Li on his shoulders in 4 countries…I think he’s going for a record.

The temple of Athena, next to the Parthenon.

The view from the walls of the Acropolis- and of the 5,000 Italian teenagers visiting the same day we did.

And, finally, the Temple of Victory as you exitIt’s built on the edge of the Acropolis so that you would have to look up to it as you leave.

To be continued- Day 2, and Greek Shopping

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How the Germans celebrate the New Year!

It was awesome…

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Love comforteth like sunshine after rain- William Shakespeare

Or- for those of you not into Valentine’s Day- one of my other favorite Shakespeare “love” quotes:

“I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me.”  Beatrice,  Much Ado About Nothing

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Have you ever started to post something, only to read it and realize you sound crazy/self-absorbed/entitled, and then decide at the last minute to not publish it?

Yeah…that may or may not have just happened.

Better luck to me tomorrow.

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Pictures for Everyone This Year!

I realize I promise actual pictures of my projects- but only pony up random location pictures.  Hmm…I truly apologize, but sometimes?  I’m a little lazy actually getting our pictures off our small camera (also known as the “project camera becauseitdoesn’tuse5MGtoshootapictureofaclosetforgoodnesssake”.)  My fancy schmancy large camera is usually reserved for the “good stuff”.

SOOOOOoooooo.  Pictures!  Slightly grainy low res pictures!

Li’s Thanksgiving outfit- please ignore the technicolor element to these pics- it was no where as bright in person.

Yes, those are owls.  Yes, I consider those Thanksgiving-y.

Our shamepride of a pantry- before and after!

My eyes!


And, I actually completed the Christmas outfit for Li!  I know!  I KNOW!  And, while technically it’s a “shirt”, it’s going in the win category for me.

I’m not one for tutorials- but I will be willing to come over and make little girl clothes, or organize your pantry, for a modest fee…

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Picture of the Week- Nov. 15th

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It’s 9 A.M.


Day 4 of the great caffeine war of 2010 and I can hear my precious calling to me from the break room…


I’ll be ok.

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Picture of the Week- October 4, 2010

My front yard- a couple of years ago.

Yup, fall is here.

While I love my boots, sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes, I’m kind of sad to see summer go.  If only because it means winter is coming…

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