Budget Bedroom Bonanza!

I feel like I’m the only participant in Trading Spaces or something…

The challenge:  With only $100, change the entire look and feel of the master bedroom, including finding storage for multiple pairs of shoes and various articles of clothing, decorating in a matching color palette, and creating a larger looking room.

The time-line: Needs to be done by 5pm Sunday night.  (M will be home from the Guards, and I’d like to have the finished product to show off here too…)

The challenges: Money, obviously.  Time, secondly.   Closet space bringing up the rear.

The advantages:  Many things we already own are in good condition and can be reused, including the curtains, bedspread, and dresser.  Bad weather will be a good incentive to stay inside.

Can she do it, ladies and gentlemen?  Or will our contestant dissolve into a puddle of tears and frustration at 2am tomorrow when she can’t reach the ceiling corners with her paint roller? 

Stay tuned- it’s going to be interesting.

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One thought on “Budget Bedroom Bonanza!

  1. Exciting! Do you have a “theme” picked out yet? I did that once to my study… it was a lot of fun!

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